word on the street


Anne C., Oakland, CA

Sequoia is The Best. Before I started working out with her In March, 1) I did not like exercising at all; 2) I was terrified to work out in front of someone who was going to be watching me; and 3) I thought working out with a trainer was only for rich people. But I wanted to take up more space, be stronger and be more confident about my body. I've been working out with Sequoia twice a week ever since: once a week, just me and her; and once a week with my friend and/or whomever else wants a group workout. And holy cow. Not only am I super happy with my new muscles and self-confidence, but I'm super happy to be able to spend time with such a phenomenal human being twice a week. Sequoia cheers me on when I'm lagging and gives lots of high fives and is quick to congratulate me on my progress. She pushes me to push myself, but also encourages me to honor my limits. Like I said: she's The Best.

Simone J., Oakland, CA

I just finished my 5th straight month with Sequoia after nearly a decade of nothing more than occasional walks.  The first month was challenging because the warm up was exhausting and my competitive side hates that everything was a challenge. Sequoia encouraged me and made the time fun, as every session is different and the music also pushes me along. Sequoia has a wealth of information about nutrition and menu suggestions, however she is never extreme. She embraces curves and helps set goals of being strong and healthy.  For the first time in my adult life, I have been able to commit to myself and to consistent exercise and it is all because of Sequoia. I now go 3 days a week for an hour and actually hate missing a session. Three of my friends have started with Sequoia and they all love her too. I am actually afraid of posting this review because there is only one Sequoia and I know she will soon have a waitlist.



Naomi T., Oakland, CA

I love training with Sequoia! I hated working out and gained about 30 lbs after I had my daughter. Now I work out twice a week and have lost 10 lbs. I'm stronger, my mood has improved, and I actually look forward to my work out sessions. I highly recommend training with Sequoia!