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How to get a bikini body in 20 minutes!

I see wearing a bikini as an act of defiance, strength, solidarity and radical honesty.
I refuse to fall into a self-loathing state and think that I'm not worthy of wearing an article of clothing because I'm not "perfect." I'm proud of my body: each muscle, dimple, roll, and stretch mark is uniquely mine and we worked hard to get here.

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My Journey | My body from childhood to motherhood

When I was pregnant, my relationship with my body changed, for the first time in my life I was afraid to push myself physically, and I wasn’t sure of how to move my body in a way that was safe for me and my baby.   My relationship with my partner was also causing me a great deal of stress and making it difficult for me to prioritize my exercise and health.  During my pregnancy I turned to food for comfort and by the end of my pregnancy I had gained over 80 lbs.

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