How to get a bikini body in 20 minutes!

Step 1. Go to the store.

Step 2. Buy a bikini.

Step 3. Put it on.

Step 4. Wear it in public.

If you are like most women I know than step 4 is where you get really stuck, and now I ask you to ask yourself WHY??

Crowd responds: "I don't look good in a bikini."

I press- "Says who?"

Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Victoria's Secret, your BFF, your fuckboy,
your boyfriend, your husband, your wife, your grandma?

Newsflash! There is no bikini body!! There are just bodies in bikinis. All of the pictures and movies you have seen your entire life have all been doctored to look flawless, when really they had flaws too!

I see wearing a bikini as an act of defiance, strength, solidarity and radical honesty.
I refuse to fall into a self-loathing state and think that I'm not worthy of wearing an article of clothing because I'm not "perfect." I'm proud of my body: each muscle, dimple, roll, and stretch mark is uniquely mine and we worked hard to get here.

This is me, like it or not, I don't give a fuck, it's my body, it's for me, not you!

I think if we as women can all jump on this body positive bandwagon together and have the courage to show our beautiful natural bodies, whatever shape and size they are, we will not only be empowering ourselves we will empower those who are watching us: strangers, our friends, and most importantly, our daughters!

So throw away your tankini, buy a bikini and rock the shit out of it!!